About the author



I’m Neha jha a blogger from India.

I’m a curious and proactive adventure-seeker. I’ve always been passionate about facts to explore and inspired by the positive influence it can have on readers and their perspective on life. I love engaging with the topics and people I write about, Facts which are lesser known, knowledgeable and entertaining and I feel are worth writing about.🙂

Well i got this idea to write about less explored facts because this is something which attracts me a lot and i write in simple pointers and interesting images and GIF so that my audience don’t get bore of reading. And before updating something i personally make sure that if i enjoy reading my posts than only my audience will. And i guess my pointers are worth reading..

And feel free to contact me and suggestions are most welcome so that i can understand what my audience want and how can i improve myself.♥

Love you all….